B-double O-B-S, straight sittin in the window…I’d rather kiss them than indo

July 5, 2009

first…. you should be listening to this in the background while viewing this post:





I’m thinking the ‘boobs and buns’ concept seemed like a good idea at first….such a good idea, in fact, that Yetta Boo herself was willing to put her picture right on the sign as if to say ‘I’m Yetta Boo and my boobs and bunns are the finest you’ll see for the price of a car wash’. Of course she appeared fully clothed on the sign, because in order to see Yetta Boo’s Boobs and Bunns one must gain entry under the pretense of getting a vehicle cleaned. Nothing’s free these days and Yetta Boo doesn’t show her boobs and bunns to just anyone, obviously.
 …… Then somehow things went south… Yetta Boo had gender-reassignment surgery, perhaps.  ‘Boobs and Bunns’ was hastily crossed off the sign, in the hopes that no one would notice. But YB’sB&BHCW just wasn’t the same without the tits and ass and, like so many other things in our fine city,  it became a victim of the fact that no one wants their car washed in Detroit without being able to say ‘put em on the glass.’


Yaaaaay DPS!

April 8, 2009

What this picture demonstrates is that dropping out of school to work at Burger King can’t hurt…. because even though you won’t be able to spell, or use correct grammar, you don’t really need those things to get your point across.

We still knew we couldn’t get our Valyew Meel that day.

Fo My Fellas

February 28, 2009

The Heart Breakers

The Love Makers

The “Romp” Shakers


The Mercedes Ladies?


….dreams do come true

How ’bout this, sucka!

February 20, 2009

 Before the Mohawk, Obviously…

 This place is fantastic because they don’t disciriminate. Male or female you get the same service, and the same exact haircut… (beard optional, sideburns mandatory)



“He was the baddest cat around…’Till I showed up.”

Don’t Have a Cow, Man

December 31, 2008


It is truly unfortunate that I never got to shop at this establishment before it closed down. Judging by the quality of the artwork on the outside, this place was only stocking the finest merchandise…

You snooze…you lose

I wonder if this is where Bob Ross shopped?

December 7, 2008

I am an art teacher and I teach in the inner-city. With the little money I make and the long hours I put in, I can’t always make it to fancy places like Michaels or DickBlick to buy supplies…

Sometimes, I gotsta keep it hood:

It is only by skimping on our signage that we are able to bring you the deepest of discounts

October 13, 2008

What’s one missing letter?



It’s silent anyway

A fitting song for the weather…

October 1, 2008

i’m sick and haven’t left the house in going-on three days…. i stepped onto the porch to get the mail…. and gotdamn!!

This is the only way I can sum it up….

“Yes, but I want to do hoodrat stuff wit my friend”

June 7, 2008

Detroit has been really ghetto lately and I swear I’m getting back to that soon…

but first, I need to introduce you to Latarian…

Hoodrat fo life…

“Can I leave now?”

fo realz- this kid is tha OG!

Something smells fishy….

April 25, 2008

Someone shared something really …’special’…with me today. The following video opened my eyes to a whole new way to tell where your man has really been when he says he’s out “with his boys”… this is something that would have never even crossed my mind at all… 

 Sometimes i have to make an exception and post a non-detroit entry when something this ‘special’ comes my way….like really, so SO ‘special’…


the best part of this video is that i think it’s serious, like musically and in every other way… that’s the specialist part.

…And stay away from that strippa-ho named diamond….

ETA: does anyone know a way to re-embed the video? For now you’ll have to click on the link.