Something tells me Annie Oakley won’t be there…

 Here on the West Side we don’t have a lot we get to brag about… but thankfully, the classy ‘women-of-the-night’ who frequent Fenkell Ave have always made sure we held onto our reigning championship of this prestigious competition…

I mean, they practice for it ALL YEAR!

I’m faced with a little bit of a conundrum, though, for this Valtrex-sponsored event… the ticket prices are kind of hard to swallow… and it usually comes upon you without much notice….

The upcoming anal-rodeo, however, is the real place to be seen… but it has been known to be pretty hard to get into in the past. Now, though, that the event is sponsored by K-Y… getting in should be a little easier.

See ya there, folks!


4 Responses to “Something tells me Annie Oakley won’t be there…”

  1. Stiney Says:

    Damn I saw a short cartoon on Adult Swim that made me go, “DAMN that belongs on the Ghetto blog.” But now I can’t remember what it was. It had some big booty chicks dancing and singing something. Oh well, maybe I’ll see it again.

  2. ms d Says:

    i love this stuff

  3. missie Says:

    I look forward to this every week. My fave is the eyepatch toothess ho. Bwaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Cheryl Says:

    Oral Rodeo? Anal Rodeo? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    OMG this stuff cracks me up! I, too, look forward to the ‘random nonsense seen and heard’ in my city. You find the best nonsense!!! The stuff you write is even more funny that the pics…hahaha…priceless!

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