…just because i like them…

Here are some little videos about Detroit- not particularly  funny or ghetto or anything special… just…somehow…. comforting…

Watch this one- you might learn something:

this one has a lot of whities… guess whities loves detroit, too.

this one is kind of facinating- it was made in 1965 – and has the then Mayor talking all about the city:  (btw- i can’t spell facinating) (part two if you’re interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evxDI7ce6Z0)


One Response to “…just because i like them…”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Wow. It’s so funny you posted this today. I was just emailing someone yesterday who had often visited Detroit years ago…and telling him how much the city is on the rise again…well, at least the downtown area is. It’s lookin good now with the newly paved streets, new lofts, condos, and restaurants, and restoring old buildings, and with the 2 new stadiums and 3 casinos lots of folks are coming in from the suburbs to go to events. Some even think it’s cool enough to buy and live here again..I’ve met a few of those folks, and they don’t regret the move. The nightlife is hot again. The new walkway that goes for miles along the river is nice too.

    Definitely true that Detroit is a great place to enjoy great art and music, you just need to know the right place to find it.

    However, although the downtown area is on the mend, it’s taking a lot longer for it to spill out into the surrounding neighborhoods, the place where I live. We’ve gotten some new strip malls (big deal) and they are restoring an old building around the corner from my house..so I guess we’re gettin there, slowly, very slowly. If we could take care of the damn crime and vandalism, we might be doin alright! But I’m like you Maggie, I have a love/hate relationship with this city 🙂

    I loved those 1965 vids…the city looked so good back then…well, till 2 years later when the riots broke out, then it was downhill for the next 30 years. How cool that you could once ride horses on Belle Isle..wonder when they stopped doing that?..it was before my time. In the early 90’s we would go there to hang out and go to their zoo and aquarium. It wasn’t the safest place to be, but eh, I can hold my own. 😉
    And I haven’t been to Metro Beach in years. I know it’s been closed a few times because of contaminents in the water, but I think it’s ok now. I chose to just swim in thier pool 🙂

    OMG this post is long! I didn’t mean to write a novel LOL! Now back to your regularly scheduled graffiti….

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