“The Ones That Go Up In Ya”

The Rite Aid by our house has always been a good place to go for entertainment-

A good example from a couple years ago:  I was in line on a Saturday night- around 1am- waiting in line FOREEVVVVEEEER because that’s how it goes in The D.  I was probably buying something really important like Boones Farm and Skittles- so of course, the it’s worth the wait… Three or Four large men get in line behind me- and I smell something…well….skunky. I turn around- and they are passing around a big old fattie blunt, in plain sight- of course the security guard is just standing there laughing- because he’s probably high, too- just like everyone else who works in the city.

A good example from about 20 minutes ago: Buying handsoap, I walk past the ‘Feminine Needs’ section and see a large, ghetto-looking guy contemplating the variety of supplies. He’s on the phone. I overhear the following:

Wait- you want super? Or long? Or light? What the fuck you want? Wait- you want pads- or the ones that go up in-ya?

…cut to me walking quickly away so he doesn’t see me about to pee my pants laughing.

That guy wins the husband/ baby-daddy of the year award. For Realz.


2 Responses to ““The Ones That Go Up In Ya””

  1. AmyMc Says:

    Dang girl! Your town is always filled with fun stuff!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    OMG I’m laughing my ass off right now!!! hahahahahahahaha

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