a joke to tide you over…**

**(alternately titled- guest submissions desperately needed welcome) 

A Detroit city worker stumbles across a dead guy on Beaubien Street and calls 9-1-1. The operator asks him to spell “Beaubien”. He tries and then says, “hold on – I’m gonna drag him to Grand.”


One Response to “a joke to tide you over…**”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    hahha! My uncle told me that joke the other day, except he told it as saying ‘drag him to John R’. It’s much better when it’s Grand 🙂

    Hey girl, remember that post you did a while back “To be have social skills” with that guy talking about gettin training to be a ho? That vid was taken down, but he’s back now, pimpin Pastor style! haha!! Here’s his page….


    “Ya know what I’m talkin bout?”
    Um, no.
    But you gotta love his enthusiasm though….

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