Ya’ll got any fish nibblers ready yet?

Is this White Castle on Grand River’s poorly-spelled attempt at a political statement…or just a poorly spelled attempt at trying to make people eat sliders for breakfast? …sick

Either way, how’re they gonna stop serving BERAKFEST at 10? Ain’t no one in our city up that early.


also…can’t you just hear the person who put this sign up sounding out the word? ‘ber-…-ak….-fest… yeah’ hahahaha… DPS wins at life! ….I love it when I find blog-material mere blocks away from home.


4 Responses to “Ya’ll got any fish nibblers ready yet?”

  1. AmyMc Says:

    Haa ha hah aa!!! Love that sign!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    HAHA yeah, I can just hear them sounding it out! Reminds me of that sign I told you about…the one selling flowers on the street corner. I’ll try to hit 8 mile again around Mother’s Day, they’ll probably be out there. It’s a Kodak moment for sure hahahahaha!

    Oh, and who would want breakfast sandwiches at 2am? That’s when you want a ton of those SLIDERS…when you got the after-bar munchies =)

    …and you regret it BIG time in the morning….ugh. I have a love/hate relationship with White Castle.

  3. l-dawg Says:

    maybe they went to old redford

  4. maggie Says:

    hahahahaha L – good call

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