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B-double O-B-S, straight sittin in the window…I’d rather kiss them than indo

July 5, 2009

first…. you should be listening to this in the background while viewing this post:





I’m thinking the ‘boobs and buns’ concept seemed like a good idea at first….such a good idea, in fact, that Yetta Boo herself was willing to put her picture right on the sign as if to say ‘I’m Yetta Boo and my boobs and bunns are the finest you’ll see for the price of a car wash’. Of course she appeared fully clothed on the sign, because in order to see Yetta Boo’s Boobs and Bunns one must gain entry under the pretense of getting a vehicle cleaned. Nothing’s free these days and Yetta Boo doesn’t show her boobs and bunns to just anyone, obviously.
 …… Then somehow things went south… Yetta Boo had gender-reassignment surgery, perhaps.  ‘Boobs and Bunns’ was hastily crossed off the sign, in the hopes that no one would notice. But YB’sB&BHCW just wasn’t the same without the tits and ass and, like so many other things in our fine city,  it became a victim of the fact that no one wants their car washed in Detroit without being able to say ‘put em on the glass.’