For an extra $125 there better at least be a midget involved…

April 21, 2008

 If sitting in a chair for 4-6 hours to get “zillions” put in isn’t masochistic enough for you –  ‘The Look’ Salon will kink things up for another $125…not sure if this includes ball-gag and nipple-clamps or if they’ll just pull it extra tight….

However, if high-maintenance/cat-o-nine-tails isn’t your thing …you could always go here instead


Ya’ll got any fish nibblers ready yet?

April 9, 2008

Is this White Castle on Grand River’s poorly-spelled attempt at a political statement…or just a poorly spelled attempt at trying to make people eat sliders for breakfast? …sick

Either way, how’re they gonna stop serving BERAKFEST at 10? Ain’t no one in our city up that early.


also…can’t you just hear the person who put this sign up sounding out the word? ‘ber-…-ak….-fest… yeah’ hahahaha… DPS wins at life! ….I love it when I find blog-material mere blocks away from home.

Your Game Is Way On, Baby

March 27, 2008

Huel Perkins is a skraight pimp- you can tell he’s used some of these lines himself….

And if this were the speech that actually aired on TV – I would head Kwame’s reelection campaign myself!!!


March 25, 2008

 Where has this place been my whole life? This is WAY more exciting than yoga! And do you have to bring your own lion? And are there other animals to choose from?



a joke to tide you over…**

October 16, 2007

**(alternately titled- guest submissions desperately needed welcome) 

A Detroit city worker stumbles across a dead guy on Beaubien Street and calls 9-1-1. The operator asks him to spell “Beaubien”. He tries and then says, “hold on – I’m gonna drag him to Grand.”

Entertainment varies by location…

September 10, 2007

In Detroit, going to your local coney island is not just a quick stop for a quick bite- it’s a multi-sensory experience… a comedy routine, a public service announcement, a variety show, and a mediocre meal- all wrapped up in one.

“Two dollars, right?”

($50??? How much chicken was she buying??)

“Bang Them Thighs”

August 1, 2007

This may have been the most motley crew The New Dance show ever saw…. 

Three cheers for white bodysuits, purple Spandex and men in drag!  …oh and capes! …Can’t forget the cape.

…Maybe I’m just insensitive…. :-/

July 15, 2007

I liked  Top Gun a lot, too …

But this is just a little excessive…


July 6, 2007

Thank goodness the front door is open again-

   …crawling through that hole in the back was getting a little tedious….

“The Ones That Go Up In Ya”

June 21, 2007

The Rite Aid by our house has always been a good place to go for entertainment-

A good example from a couple years ago:  I was in line on a Saturday night- around 1am- waiting in line FOREEVVVVEEEER because that’s how it goes in The D.  I was probably buying something really important like Boones Farm and Skittles- so of course, the it’s worth the wait… Three or Four large men get in line behind me- and I smell something…well….skunky. I turn around- and they are passing around a big old fattie blunt, in plain sight- of course the security guard is just standing there laughing- because he’s probably high, too- just like everyone else who works in the city.

A good example from about 20 minutes ago: Buying handsoap, I walk past the ‘Feminine Needs’ section and see a large, ghetto-looking guy contemplating the variety of supplies. He’s on the phone. I overhear the following:

Wait- you want super? Or long? Or light? What the fuck you want? Wait- you want pads- or the ones that go up in-ya?

…cut to me walking quickly away so he doesn’t see me about to pee my pants laughing.

That guy wins the husband/ baby-daddy of the year award. For Realz.